POLY MIXED RELATIONSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono partnership.

POLY MIXED RELATIONSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono partnership.

POLY/MONO; furthermore , MONO/POLY: Colloquial Of or associated with a partnership between a person who self-identifies as polyamorous and someone who self-identifies as monogamous.

POLY-SATURATED: Colloquial Polyamorous , but not at this time prepared for brand new relations or brand new lovers as a result of the amount of existing lovers, or for the reason that opportunity limitations which could render brand-new affairs hard. Comparison polyunsaturated. Use: typically regarded as entertaining or a little absurd. Appears to be most commonly known mostly during the american US.

POLYSEXUAL: Colloquial Of or regarding connections that are intimately nonaˆ“ monogamous but which are not psychologically personal. Usage: Occasionally condescending or derogatory; as Bill isn’t polyamorous, but just polysexual. May suggest dismissal or derision from the relationship so named. See related swinging.

POLY-UNSATURATED: (Colloquial) Polyamorous , and at this time seeking or ready to accept brand-new partners. Comparison poly-saturated. Usage: usually regarded entertaining or somewhat silly. Is apparently common mostly during the american united states of america.

PRIMARY/SECONDARY: A polyamorous connection structure wherein a person has multiple couples who are not add up to the other person when it comes to interconnection, emotional strength, intertwinement in practical or monetary issues, or power within union. People in a primary/secondary connection might have one (or sometimes, more than one) biggest partner and something https://datingranking.net/lumen-review or more additional secondary or tertiary associates. A primary/secondary connection could be aˆ?prescriptiveaˆ? (that’s, a primary couple knowingly and purposely brings a couple of policies wherein any additional couples is additional, usually because this can be regarded as a mechanism that may shield the current partnership from hurt as a result of further relationships) or it may be aˆ?descriptive,aˆ? and arise through the nature and the scenario for the partnership. Discover related tertiary, veto. Discourse: In practice, prescriptive primary/secondary relationships may write an atmosphere where people in those added affairs think unappreciated or trivial, which explains why some experienced polyamorous people do not construct her interactions along enforced primary/secondary contours.

CHIEF: In a primary/secondary connection, the individual (or individuals) in the commitment with the highest level of contribution or entanglement, or sometimes anyone accorded probably the most importance. People is biggest either as an all natural outcome of the scenario and character associated with the commitment (for the reason that it person contains the biggest amount of financial entanglement, like), or as a deliberate consequence of the partnership design and contracts (like in the outcome of a current couple exactly who attempted to create extra partners just from the state that those present couples are seen as aˆ?less importantaˆ? compared to partners). Discover furthermore co- main; Contrast second, tertiary. Discourse: individuals who intentionally seek to make a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary traces usually designate one and only one partnership while the primary commitment. Those who usually do not seek to build a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary lines could have one or more primary commitment; a relationship becomes primary when it reaches a specific aim of psychological engagement, practical entanglement, or both.

QUAD: A polyamorous partnership concerning four men, each one of who may end up being sexually and emotionally associated with the rest of the members. Read associated N. Commentary: One of the most typical ways for a quad to make is when two polyamorous partners began intimate interactions cross-couple .

UNION ANARCHY: a viewpoint or practise where everyone is regarded as liberated to do any affairs they pick, that spontaneity and liberty were attractive and needed attributes in healthy relationships, that no union should really be entered into or limited from a feeling of obligation or responsibility, that any union selection was (or should-be) permitted, as well as in which there isn’t fundamentally a clear difference between aˆ?partneraˆ? and aˆ?non-partner.aˆ?

RELATIONSHIP ORIENTATION: a preference for sexual or warm relations of a specific type; as, for instance, a choice for affairs which are monogamous, for relationships which are polyfidelitous, for relationships which have been polyamorous, and so on. Discover linked change (Def. 1). Discourse: as some individuals think her intimate direction was substance and a question of choice where other folks think their own sexual orientation is actually fixed rather than at the mercy of preference, therefore perform some everyone feel that her union positioning try subject to selection whereas rest become their partnership direction just isn’t an issue of option. This has been my observance that some individuals appear to be naturally monogamous, and canaˆ™t become delighted other ways; people appear to be inherently polyamorous, and canaˆ™t getting happy another means; plus some someone appear to be able, in right circumstances along with the best associates, are pleased in a monogamous or a polyamorous relationship. (from over Two glossary.)

SAPIOSEXUAL: adjective (of you) locating cleverness intimately appealing or stimulating.aˆ?I found a PhD pupil from Germany which told me which he was sapiosexual or noun someone who locates cleverness sexually appealing or stimulating.aˆ?Iaˆ™m a sapiosexual and I love to talk.aˆ?

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