If you’re looking for flower kids brands for girls and boys, we have a listing of the cutest people, and the definitions behind them

If you’re looking for flower kids brands for girls and boys, we have a listing of the cutest people, and the definitions behind them

By Sarah Mariotti Oct 16, 2020

Rose brands for girls

1. Lily

This English name’s a symbol of innocence and purity, which will be how the little hottie comes into society. Lily could be a nickname for Lillian or Lilliana if you’re selecting an even more official choice. Lily is currently probably one of the most preferred kid labels in The united kingdomt and Wales.

2. Flower

This charming organic title, of Latin beginnings, have tons of differences. You could label their girl Rosetta, Rosalie or Rosemary and name the lady flower for brief. But we also like thought of slightly girl called flower, whom passes Rosie. Lily-Rose Depp, child to Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, is an attractive combination of the first two labels throughout the listing.

3. Leilani

A “heavenly rose” from Hawaii, Leilani is a sweet label when it comes to infant girl you like. Just be sure you’re taking this lady to Hawaii one day.

4. Marguerite

This French name means “daisy,” and who doesn’t desire to be called after these types of a pleasing flower? If you’re considering naming your child Margaret, maybe this may convince that test the French twist?

5. Fleur or Fflur

A delicate-sounding title that translates right to “flower.” Fleur is of French origin (clearly!), however if you should be varied, choose the Welsh spelling, Fflur, meaning plant. Fleur is title of the adorable skunk in Bambi, and one of our favorite wizards in Harry Potter.

6. Azalea

Of English source, this identity implies “a flower,” but that isn’t the normal bloom. It’s vibrant green, therefore it’s the most wonderful name for the daring daughter. Azaleas bloom in spring, so might we suggest this nickname for might babies.

7. Alyssa

A Greek nickname, this name is based on the nice alyssum rose and ways “rational.” Alyssa Milano made title well-known, very first for her are an actress, but also as one of the women that going the #MeToo action. You have an equally fierce feminist on your hands.

8. Jasmine/Yasmin

This small white flower is acknowledged for are delicate and aromatic. Title try Persian, and Princess Jasmine from the Disney classic Aladdin is one of its popular bearers.

9. Cassia

This attractive Greek title suggests “cinnamon,” which is also the aroma the cassia herbal emits—it’s nice and spicy! This label is pronounced as cass-ee-a, or as cash-a, like cassia forest alone.

10. Erica

Maybe you are astonished to discover that this Scandinavian name’s furthermore a genus more than 800 various flowers within the families Ericaceae. In Latin, Erica suggests “heather,” particularly wintertime and spring season heather.

11. Zinnia

Cool and edgy, Zinnia is actually of Latin source, additionally the zinnia rose symbolizes remembrance. Roald Dahl knows a beneficial name when he views it—Zinnia Wormwood may be the mom of Matilda within his popular unique of the same title; though she’s a questionable personality, her name’s very cool.

12. Violet

This Latin-origin term suggests… yep, “purple.” Your child are name-twins with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s oldest daughter, whom made this name prominent.

13. Aster

This Greek name is fitting to suit your small superstar, as that’s exactly what it ways. Aster plants search comparable to daisies, but come in brilliant colors like magenta and purple. Additionally, this flower is acknowledged for attracting butterflies!

14. Iris

Iris is the Greek goddess associated with rainbow, exactly who rode the rainbow as a bridge from heaven to earth. She had been described as a symbol of power and majesty—like all girls must certanly be, correct?

15. Marigold

This English term ended up being favored in aristocratic family, plus the cheery orange-and-yellow flower is often regarded as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. It’s a great name if you’re attempting to commemorate a parent or grandparent that has title Mary or Maria, however you wish one thing a little various.

16. Poppy

This Latin title ways “flower,” and also the place alone symbolizes commemoration due to the poem “In Flanders areas.” Nevertheless poppy may also be a symbol of charm, success and a lively creative imagination. And, the historical Greeks felt the flower represented sleep because poppy’s sap have a sedative results. Perhaps naming your child Poppy will mean she’s going to end up being an effective sleeper?

17. Bryony/Briony

Bryony indicates “to sprout,” like exactly how white briony vines develop extremely upwards (and so are slightly damaging, much like a toddler in a recently polished residence). This Latin name is pronounced as Brian with an “ee” right at the end.

18. Primrose

There’s a delicacy to this English title indicating “first increased,” which in the code of plants signifies youthful fancy. Primroses are available in a lot of colors such as red, yellow, bluish, blue-purple, white and lotion. A famous Primrose could be the younger aunt of Katniss inside Hunger video games trilogy.

19. Daisy

Just how pretty is this term for an energetic daughter? A new daisy resembles the sun, and in Old English it indicates “day’s vision,” so don’t be blown away if the little daisy develops to shine.

20. Dahlia

This big and beautiful perennial comes in plenty vibrant colour like imperial and red. The name Dahlia is actually Scandinavian and originates from the phrase for “valley.” In the Victorian code of plants, dahlias signify appeal and self-respect, but are furthermore a nod towards eternal bond of willpower.

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