FLIR Lepton Hookup Manual. Whenever our team realized that we’d getting screening a lengthy Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera

FLIR Lepton Hookup Manual. Whenever our team realized that we’d getting screening a lengthy Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera


there were two phrase that individuals couldn’t quit saying: Predator sight. That’s right, we were finally likely to be able to see the undetectable arena of heat, which would aid all of us considerably if we ever discovered our selves looking a group of unique operatives in an isolated jungle… or, you understand, attempting not to scald ourselves on a hot cup of tea.

Since it happens, the FLIR Lepton is a wonderful small module when it comes to costs and sheer manufacturing has done a bang up job rotating the breakout panel and paperwork.

FLiR Dev Kit

The FLiR Dev system includes a breakout including a Lepton® longwave infrared (LWIR) imager. Because Of This package it will be easy to…

FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Kit

Aided By The FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Equipment it will be easy to bring FLIR’s thermal imaging excellence and capacity to the desir…

Discover, however, a couple of small “gotchas” within the set-up techniques and we thought it actually was most useful if we provided whatever you learned in using this thing. But basic… a little bit of theory.

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Required Components

To check out this tutorial, you will require the following hardware and pc software. You might not require every little thing though based on what you posses plus setup. Include the equipment your cart, read the guide, and modify the cart as required.


Today we’ll be creating the Raspberry Pi instance code as offered by absolute manufacturing and included within our goods clips. At the very least, we’ll end up being needing a Raspberry Pi. and not a lot more, in fact. Simply a few jumper wires including a monitor, keyboard, associated cables for your Raspberry Pi, additionally the FLIR Lepton digital camera of your preference.

Down the page was a wishlist on the suggested components:

Mention: to decrease the number of ingredients used, you might wire the thermal cam straight away to the Pi making use of F/F jumper wires. For a protected relationship, you could also incorporate solder a custom Raspberry Pi hat using a prototyping panel.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Tall Header – 2×20

This 2×20 “tall” header gets the same numbers and spacing of pins as a Raspberry Pi and the board with all the strength to…

Hook-Up Wire – Assortment (Strong Core, 22 AWG)

A variety of coloured cable: you realize it really is an attractive thing. Six different colour of good key line in a cardboard dispe…

SparkFun Snappable Protoboard

Sometimes it’s nice to own a protoboard that’s awesome long and skinny, extremely smaller, or a number of openings. The SparkFun Sn…

Jumper Cable Premium 6″ F/F – 20 AWG (10 Pack)

Jumper wires are amazing. Just a little little bit of stuck key cable with a pleasant good feminine connector on either conclusion. They’ve…

Heads up! If you are obtaining the PureThermal 2: FLIR Lepton Intelligent I/O panel, the board does not include the FLIR Lepton camera module. But this manages command over the camera and natural video facts via USB. This can be helpful if you find yourself connecting they to your computer system and ultizing it as a USB online digital camera.

PureThermal 2 – FLIR Lepton Wise I/O Board

The PureThermal 2 practical I/O panel is a hackable thermal USB web cam breakout the FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging digital camera basic…

USB micro-B cable tv – 6 feet

USB 2.0 sort A to micro USB 5-pin. This is exactly a fresh, smaller connector for USB products. Micro USB fittings are about half the …

For additional info on installing the smart I/O panel together with your pc, look at the appropriate films connected with the setup to install the state Lepton app.

Computer Software

The instance signal has been analyzed on a Raspberry Pi model B, it should function good on any model when you have actually Raspbian set up.

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