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Repair pencils with a color palette for domestic brands are filled with Mobihel autoenamel. Among domestic https://cars45.com.gh/listing/bmw/320i auto enamels, AUTON presents on the market, among other things, a good range of repair paints used for painting minor damages (chips, scratches, etc.). High adhesion to polyurethane and thermoplastic coatings, as well as rubber, allows you to qualitatively update the appearance of the car (restore the color not only the bumper, but also mudguards). Moreover, paints are available on the Russian market for all Japanese models and some European brands, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Alfa Romeo. In this case, it is not necessary to select the color visually.

Great popularity due to the wide range and affordable price of products. The main thing is to properly prepare it by cleaning it from dirt and degreasing it. When processing prepared surfaces, a high degree of protection is achieved, the paint has good hiding power and forms a fairly durable coating due to the presence of special components.

In addition to the basic car enamel (preliminary preparation of the working mixture is necessary in the form of adding varnish and pigments), there is a large assortment of ready-made paints in aerosol cans on the market. The quality of acrylic enamels (incl. h. metallic) Reoflex complies with the generally accepted standard ISO 9001. The paint comes in both cans and aerosols, which is very convenient. Particularly popular in our country are the repair brushes used for touching up small and minor defects. This car enamel from this manufacturer is quite in demand, and is distinguished by invariably stable characteristics, as well as a balanced price.

The paint is UV resistant and does not fade over time. MegaMix car paint from a domestic manufacturer is not much inferior in quality to foreign counterparts, the price of which is much higher. It should be borne in mind that when working with metallic paints, the transitions will stand out more clearly than when using a regular color. Typically, bumper resilient spray paint can be found in two colors – black and gray.

The products are easy to use and can be used without expensive painting equipment. The available palette contains all the factory colors of the domestic manufacturer VAZ. The coating quickly polymerizes, not only on the body, but also on the plastic parts of the car (bumper, rear-view mirrors), and becomes no less resistant to external factors than the factory coating. For self-painting, a finished product is produced in aerosol cans, which have a basic color palette. Is it worth saying that from the can do it not only quickly and conveniently, but also a special place to perform work is not required.

A wide palette of more than 215 shades, allowing you to purchase ready-made paint of the required color. Repair paint is designed to restore minor defects on the body. Repair car enamel in the form of a small bottle with a brush is much more effective than a special marker. This allows you to restore the body after point damage, eliminating even the slightest hint of tinting. The pencil has a small volume (only 20 ml), and the bottle with a brush is even less – 12 ml.

The necessary bottles are of modest size and will always be at hand to restore the integrity of the paintwork in case of possible damage. For the convenience of the reader, the rating has been divided into appropriate categories. For more than a century, this company has been producing paints and varnishes supplied to 97 countries of the world. So, for the elimination of chips or other minor repairs to the paintwork, spray paint in cans is excellent.

It cannot but attract the cost – it is the most affordable on the market of repair paints. To achieve a greater effect, the same volume of factory varnish can be supplied with the base paint. High-quality paint dries quickly in normal atmospheric conditions, which allows restoration work anywhere.

On sale are alkyd and acrylic paints, as well as “metallic”. The domestic manufacturer of car enamels in a short time managed to win its “niche” in the tight market for car paints, offering elite quality products at a more affordable price. The result obtained cannot be compared with the application of car enamel from aerosol cans. Car painting is a rather expensive type of repair, but not only the external characteristics of the paintwork, but also the degree of protection of the body depend on the quality of the paint used. MOTIP aerosol cans are also popular – as a rule, they are used to paint bumpers, calipers and rims.

The selection and assessment position is based on the characteristics of the product, the opinions of car painting specialists, as well as ordinary owners who have applied one of the presented products in practice. In addition, the layer dries quite quickly – it takes from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of enamel (the temperature in the spray booth should be about 130 ° C). In addition to ISO 9001 certification, the concern was highly appreciated by the international organization Nord Veritas, whose quality control requirements are much more stringent. The assortment is represented by 41 car brands, each of which has dozens (many – one hundred, two hundred and more) shades.

A wide range of color palettes, the presence of fluorescent paints and metallic auto enamels makes this product one of the most popular on the Russian market. The work on application is simple, the car enamel has excellent adhesion, dries quickly, and after opening with varnish and polishing it does not stand out at all from the background of the main paintwork. To paint a car with high quality, you should adhere to the main recommendation of the manufacturer – before applying the car enamel, surface treatment should be carried out with fillers and primer from Duxone.

There is also a special program for obtaining the exclusive shades of the Colormix System. Aerosol cans are filled with alkyd and acrylic enamels, matte and glossy, there are repair enamels and varnishes, metallic. Autoenamel Reoflex is distinguished by its elasticity and hiding power, when it dries it gives the best gloss indicators. Any surface can be painted with an aerosol spray. The review presents the best car enamels of the domestic market.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to purchase bottles with different volumes – 20 and 50 ml. Despite the higher price, owners usually choose the best quality for their car. Extensive experience and our own research department allow us to maintain a consistently high quality of paints. A wide range of colors and soils allows you to choose the best option.

The only inconvenience is the need for vertical storage, otherwise the enamel flows out of the rod into the cap. For the best result, of course, it is worth using a primer to prepare the base. Along with professional enamels, aerosol cans are in use on the market, allowing you to carry out restoration work on your own. Easy to apply, dries fairly quickly under normal conditions (20 ° C).

Painting is not particularly difficult – the cleaned surface should be carefully painted over, as with a regular marker, only you need to hold the pencil with the rod down. MOTIP DUPLI GROUP manufactures products under 9 trademarks, and Motip is the main and most popular among them. Repair pencils with Vegatex auto enamel are suitable for restoring the paint layer with minor scratches or chips, completely masking damage, and protecting the body no less reliably than the main layer.

It is enough to know the VIN-number of the car to order the necessary repair auto enamel Poly. The high rating of the paints of this brand is due to the large saturation of the domestic market with Mobihel products and its available cost. Sealed lid prevents premature drying.

A well-developed network of distributors throughout the country and optimal price offers make this product widely in demand in paint shops. Also, a feature of this brand is the presence of high-temperature enamels intended for painting the surfaces of calipers, engine and exhaust systems of cars. Subject to all the norms of the technological process (preparation for painting, application and drying of body parts), the consistently better quality of the paintwork and its durability is guaranteed.

At the same time, many use them and for tinted elements of plastic cabin cladding – after applying and drying, the layer of auto-email is completely odor. The growth in popularity is ensured by the high quality of car enamels and a growing range of products, as well as the use of modern technologies in the production of paints and varnishes. So, color pigments are used only by two trusted suppliers.

A small chip or scratch with Poly will be removed with minimal financial costs – the cost of pencils compares favorably even to aerosol cans. The catalog contains a wide palette of factory colors for many imported and domestic brands. There are many ready-made color solutions on sale. The peculiarity of this brand is the use of environmentally friendly components, which plays an increasing role in the modern world. High quality components are used in the production of car enamel.

The quality of the components of the mixture allows you to apply an ideal layer in terms of uniformity, which affects the quality of the coating as a whole. To. in terms of its characteristics, it fully corresponds to the paint layer applied on the conveyor of the car plant. Car enamels, thanks to the adjusted proportion of melamine and acrylic components, are perfectly applied to any surface and harden quickly, providing a reliable protective coating. The entire palette is numbered and is suitable for all domestic and many imported cars (Renault, KIA, etc.). Huge assortment of paints (including. h. metallic) allows you to match the color with 100% match.

It is much more profitable than painting even with the use of aerosol car enamels, because. With their help, painting is greatly simplified, and the quality of the paint layer is in no way inferior to the professional composition. For domestic commercial vehicles, the choice in favor of this brand is obvious and appropriate. Many, of course, are not quite satisfied with the color assortment of the product. The assortment includes colors for both domestic and imported cars.

When painting with MegaMix acrylic auto enamel or metallic paint, the best result is achieved, which is not surprising – domestic car factories use the same products on their conveyors. Painting some auto parts (usually bumpers) or other metal materials from an aerosol can of the Hi-Gear brand, subject to all the requirements of proper preparation and application, gives an excellent visual result at minimal cost.

15 best paints for cars


p>Vladimir Redka In the series of these products there is a huge selection of alkyd enamels, metallic colors, colorless varnishes, primers and even a rust converter. Product quality is marked by numerous positive reviews from professionals engaged in paint works of high-grade. Duxone car enamels are a recognized leader in the paint and varnish market. The paints of this company are of the highest quality – they are used in their work by professionals in 137 countries of the world.

There is an increase in the volume of sales of manufactured products – over the past three years, the annual increase is about 30%. The bottle has only 12 ml of paint, but this is quite enough – to hide chips and scratches, the consumption is minimal. At the same time, car enamel allows you to qualitatively restore a paintwork defect with a diameter of up to 3 cm. It is impossible to achieve such indicators at one affordable price.

Accuracy of selection will allow you to partially paint a car with a minimum difference in tonality. For minor damage in the form of chips and scratches, the most optimal and cost-effective way is to use repair paints (small bottles with a brush or marker pencils). For this reason, the selection is carried out by car brands. Products are widely available on the market, they are easy to find and match the desired color.

There is a huge selection of shades, and the color fastness to sunlight guarantees the best result. After painting and drying, the paint and varnish layer gains sufficient strength to operate the car (or other vehicle) as usual. The raw materials supplied by the German BASF and the Dutch company Merck are distinguished by stable quality and the highest characteristics that determine the properties of the created product.

After painting and completely drying, the area should be polished to completely hide the traces of repair. Auto enamel spreads well and dries quickly, and the color always corresponds to the indicated marking. The selection is carried out in the traditional way for repair pencils – according to the car make.

Affordable car enamel is offered by the popular manufacturer ABRO. NS.). The great popularity of the brand became possible thanks to the dedication of the management and its own scientific developments of Axalta Coating Systems (Duxone is a division of this corporation), which made it possible to implement the latest innovative solutions in products that were previously available to consumers in a more expensive price segment (DuPont brand).

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